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Songtrix® Silver 3.0

Songtrix® Silver 3.0

Video Tours

These demonstration videos take you on a guided tour of the features of Songtrix Silver 3.0, and show you how to use them with everyday activities.  Each video is a few minutes long.

The videos may appear or sound slightly fuzzy, due to the high compression needed for web streaming. However, the software itself when installed will look and sound crystal clear.

Songtrix Overview

Duration 4:26

Discover the musical world of Songtrix in less than five minutes


Getting Started

Duration 7:17

Start here with a guided tour of the Songtrix workspace.


Creating Autostyle Songs

Duration 8:02

How to create autostyle songs by combining chords with a style.


Creating Standard Songs

Duration 7:34

How to create your own songs from scratch with musical events.


The Drums Track

Duration 8:08

A focus on creating drum patterns with the Drums Track.


The Rhythm Track

Duration 8:04

A focus on creating chord rhythms with the Rhythm Track.


The Chords Track

Duration 7:40

A focus on using chords and inversions with the Chords Track.


The Melody Tracks

Duration 7:58

A focus on creating melodies with the Melody, Riff and Bass tracks.


The Lyrics Track

Duration 7:33

A focus on adding and printing lyrics with the Lyrics Track.


Songwriting Made Easy

Duration 7:49

Shows how Songtrix actively helps with composing music.


Tricks With Harmony

Duration 7:40

Three amazing tricks that showcase the Scales Track.


Recording With Midi

Duration 8:03

Use your Midi keyboard or instrument to record into any track.


Song Production Tips

Duration 7:45

Finish off your song with polished performance and staff notation.


Creating New Styles

Duration 8:00

Explore the flexibility and power of creating your own styles.


Publishing Your Songs

Duration 7:50

Take your music to the world by publishing on the ChordWizard Network.



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