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ChordWizard® Gold 2.5

ChordWizard® Gold 2.5

Video Tours

These demonstration videos take you on a guided tour of the features of ChordWizard Gold 2.5, and show you how to use them with everyday activities.  Each video is a few minutes long.

The videos may appear or sound slightly fuzzy, due to the high compression needed for web streaming. However, the software itself when installed will look and sound crystal clear.


Duration 5:04

A guided tour of the different areas of the ChordWizard workspace and how each area is used.


For Rhythm Players

Duration 5:49

Finding and identifying chords and chordshapes, for rhythm playing.


For Lead Players

Duration 4:37

Finding and practising scale positions, for lead playing.


For Songwriters

Duration 5:18

How to develop your song ideas from a melody, chord sequence or riff.


For Other Instruments

Duration 3:58

Switching between instruments, and creating libraries for any stringed instrument or tuning.


For Playing Levels

Duration 4:54

How to adjust ChordWizard Gold to your playing level, from beginner to advanced.



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