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"For a long time I wanted a software to cover all the things I needed to understand music and play the piano/guitar, and only now I found it with your easy, intuitive and rich interface and very well written music tutorials."

T. Terchea

"Very nice program. After using it for only a couple of days I already found out it fills the gaps that I missed. I now can make decent songbooks and learning new songs is a treat."

W. van de Leden

"Songtrix gives you countless opportunities to create your own music - hundreds of instruments, effects, styles and sound settings."

"I have learned so much this past year with the aid of Songtrix and other ChordWizard products."

B. Stout

Songtrix® Bronze 3.0

Songtrix® Bronze 3.0

Songtrix Bronze Edition 3.0 Songtrix Bronze Edition 3.0
the essential free software for
learning and creating music

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Songtrix Bronze Edition 3.0

There are no barriers with Songtrix - start exploring the world of music now, with the free Bronze Edition.

With guided video tours, and a unique visual interface, you will be making your own great music sooner than you ever imagined.

Browse through the How Music Works tutorials to get a great introduction to the musical ideas that will help you on your way.

Discover the simple and fun visual approach of Songtrix.  It allows you to see and hear the music you are creating at every step, giving you fresh and instinctive ideas of what to do next.

Use the many supplied autostyles to easily build a musical arrangement of your favourite songs, or start from scratch and learn how to build a drum pattern, a chord rhythm or a beautiful melody.

Staff notation is created automatically as you work - so you can see and share what you have done - but sight-reading skills are not needed at all for the creative process.

Share your creations and meet new friends on the ChordWizard Network, as you discover and develop your musical talents.

Creating Music

Creating Music

Songtrix lets you create music with visual events, so there's no need to be put off by strange terminology or symbols.  You can immediately see and hear the effect of the musical events you have drawn on the screen.

Learn about chords and turn a few of them into a realistic musical performance, using the wide range of automatic musical styles supplied.  This is great fun!  As you explore, you will become familiar with the essential musical elements of each style.

You can also build your own musical arrangements using intuitive musical events such as chord strums and drum rolls.  Events can be created within Songtrix, or recorded in real time from an attached Midi instrument such as a keyboard.

Audition and select your chords from the menu, then design your own rhythms and melodies to accompany them.  You can even start with a style, then customize it to get exactly the sound you want.

Printing and Playing Music

Printing Music

Songtrix offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to printing the music you create or download.

While you get to work with the intuitive visual events, Songtrix compiles and displays staff notation automatically and accurately for you as you go.

You can instantly switch between the different views of your song, so you can see exactly how your musical events will be presented in staff notation as you edit them.

This is a great way to learn sight-reading skills, while avoiding the tedious and complex process of manually editing staff notation symbols.

Songtrix is ideal for practising or improvising with. You can cycle play the whole or any part of a song, and you can mute the track whose part you want to practise. You can add a metronome to the playback to help you keep time.

Meeting Musicians

Meeting Musicians

When you're learning new concepts and skills, nothing beats the support and inspiration you get from interacting with other students and musicians.

The integrated ChordWizard Network website gives you access to a diverse global musical community where you can ask questions and have discussions about music.

You'll find other like-minded musicians by reading their postings and downloading songs they have published. You can meet them by joining in public discussions or exchanging private messages, and perhaps collaborating on musical projects together.

Publishing your own songs on the ChordWizard Network is a great way to make yourself known to the membership and this can be done securely with the ChordWizard Song (CWS) file format used by Songtrix.

The songs and styles you publish can be accessed by anyone who has Songtrix - including the free Bronze Edition - so you have a large potential audience.

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