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Songtrix® Silver 3.0

Songtrix® Silver 3.0

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Songtrix Silver Edition 3.0

Intermediate Level

The essential tool kit for students of all musical styles and instruments.

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Item AUD$ USD$*
License Price 59.95 45.56

*USD$ estimates are based on the exchange rate AUD$1.00 = USD$0.76 which was accurate as at 4-Apr-2017.  Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the exact amount charged to your credit card in your local currency may vary slightly from the USD$ estimate.

Upgrade Pricing

Songtrix Silver Edition 3.0 is available at an upgrade price instead, if you have already purchased a license for one of the ChordWizard products listed below.

Upgrade From AUD$ USD$*
ChordWizard Music Theory 3.x 49.95 37.96

*See above

If you purchased the existing license directly from us, we will have this on record.  Otherwise proof of purchase will be required if you select a product to upgrade from.

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