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"The way you have explained chord and scale relationships with sound clips, is the greatest. My understanding of harmonic and melodic minor chords has been completely revolutionized. Music Theory 3.0 is an excellent teaching tool and I give it 5 stars."

P. Brooke

Music Theory 3.0

Music Theory 3.0

Version History

The major version numbers of ChordWizard products are based on the underlying ChordWizard software framework.  This framework is the foundation of all our products, and has been under continuous development since 1997.

Music Theory 3.0

Version Date Changes
v3.02c 28-Jun-2012

- Fixed a problem where "Improper Argument" message is shown and print job cancelled when attempting to print a report in Print Preview.
- Unlock box now accepts Ctrl+V (as well as the Paste button) for pasting the Product Key

v3.02a 10-Jun-2012

- Updated the installation structure to support multiple users per computer and comply with UAC guidelines.  User-updatable files are now stored separately in the Documents folder.
- From this version onwards, a minimum of Windows XP is required.  Windows 98, ME and 2000 are no longer supported.
- Minor improvements and fixes

v3.01j 24-May-2012

- Minor fixes

v3.01i 5-Oct-2011

- Minor improvements and fixes
- Change default Tutorials background to white paper
- Use of code-signing certicate on setup file to improve download security

v3.01h 30-Mar-2011

- Corrections to tutorials text
- Allow reports to have margins of up to 100mm to assist with achieving preferred layouts
- Minor bug fixes

v3.01g 10-Nov-2009

-Additional workspace color themes
-Minor fixes and presentation improvements

v3.01f 7-Nov-2008

- Minor update
- The workspace frame and toolbars by default are now tinted blue in the Office 2003/2007 style.  You can still choose to use standard Windows colors by using the Options-Workspace-General-Presentation-Office Colors setting.

v3.01e 16-Sep-2008

- Minor release to fix a couple of performance issues.

v3.01d 25-Aug-2008

- Added access to the Microsoft Synthesizer, which is available on all versions of Windows since Win98.
- The Options-Workspace-General page now contains an Add Reverb setting which applies a reverberation effect to all tutorial sounds if the selected Midi Device supports it (the Microsoft Synthesizer does).
- Minor corrections to the tutorials text.

v3.01c 21-May-2008

- Improvements to setup/uninstall process

v3.01a 23-Oct-2007

Major upgrade to to the 3.0 series of releases.  Key improvements include:

- Added 13 new topics, including the new tutorial "Meter and Rhythm", which adds a great deal of information about time signatures and staff notation.
- Added Search Topics function, which allow full text search of the How Music Works tutorials based on a keyword.
- Improved workspace presentation with optional hi-color icons, gradient toolbars, raised or flat toolbar buttons, and flat or sunken pane borders.
- Added automatic Check For Updates function, which notifies you whenever an updated version of the product is available for download.
- Tested and verified operation of Music Theory with Windows Vista.
- Converted the Help file to the newer CHM format, and updated screenshots to use Vista style.  This makes viewing help easier with Windows Vista, which doesn't by default install the classic WinHelp viewer.
- Music Theory now uses an installation-independent Product Key licensing mechanism for greater customer convenience and security.  Replacement keys are no longer necessary for new installations.

v3.0d 7-Nov-2006

- Optional Check Sound at startup
- Minor improvements to performance and internal structure

v3.0c 11-May-2006

- Minor corrections to Tutorials text
- Fix splash screen text with large fonts
- Add Bookmark button to toolbar
- Add optional Topic/Tutorial numbering
- Improved presentation of Layout options
- Improved Check Sound tool

v3.0a 15-Sep-2003

Original Release


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