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ChordWizard® Gold 2.5

ChordWizard® Gold 2.5

Version History

ChordWizard Gold 2.x is major redevelopment of the ChordWizard 1.x product version, which was first released in 1997.  It retains the unique strengths of this previous product generation, while adding a raft of new features and greatly improving the user experience.

ChordWizard Gold 2.5

Version Date Changes
v2.51d 10-Mar-2014

- Fixed bad link on Help-Video Tours menu
- Midi Output Details window now offers Send GM Reset option for devices that are badly affected by it (previously always sent GM Reset)
- Fixed bug in diagram layout for printing, causing hang/crash in certain layout sizing combinations
- Improvement of painting of mute strings in reports
- Prevent Send To command from automatically adding an entire series for moveable chordshapes.
- Fixed fault A177@3041007 that occurs when deleting last chordshape shown in library list

v2.51c 27-Jun-2012

- Fixed a problem where "Improper Argument" message is shown and print job cancelled when attempting to print a report in Print Preview.
- Unlock box now accepts Ctrl+V (as well as the Paste button) for pasting the Product Key

v2.51a 10-Jun-2012

- Updated the installation structure to support multiple users per computer and comply with UAC guidelines.  User-updatable files are now stored separately in the Documents folder.
- From this version onwards, a minimum of Windows XP is required.  Windows 98, ME and 2000 are no longer supported.
- Fixed fault A134@3045006 which occurred randomly during the course of sessions
- Minor updates and corrections

v2.5h 24-May-2012

- Minor fixes

v2.5g 3-Jan-2012

- Reinstate Set Filter button for Notes To Chords, Notes To Scales, Chords To Scales, Relations, Chord Synonyms and Scale Synonyms window, this was missing since v2.0
- Switch to Library view whenever a new library is opened or switched
- Add Hide Synonym Scales option to Notes To Scales and Chords To Scales tools for improved results
- Fix bug preventing whole series of movable chordshapes being added from Search List
- Fix bug causing crash with complex Scale Patterns when using Practice with Full Positions
- Fix bug causing preview diagrams to be hidden with Options-Layout
- Update Help file and add Help-Video Tours

v2.5f 5-Oct-2011

- Minor improvements and fixes
- Change default Tutorials background to white paper
- Use of code-signing certicate on setup file to improve download security

v2.5e 30-Mar-2011

- Corrections to How Music Works tutorials text
- Enhancements and fixes of several faults as described below.
- Allow reports to have margins of up to 100mm to assist with achieving preferred layouts when printing a single diagram per page
- Allow import of old v2.0 libraries with Silver Edition (previously refused to import because standard chord and scales types changed with v2.01 onwards)
- Changed default fret position markers for instruments tuned in fifths (such as banjo and mandolin). These instruments usually have a marker at the 10th fret instead of the 9th, which is normal for guitar.
- Fixed fault causing print or preview to hang for Chord Book or Scale Chart report when printing large diagrams (one per page) in landscape.
- Fixed Scale Chart report when printing incorrect small text for Scale Position text in the first diagram on each page.
- Fixed fault A76@3026003 which sometimes occured when switching to a library with a different instrument while in Scales View
- Fixed fault C0000094@3041026 which sometimes occured during startup
- Fixed fault A570@3084012 which sometimes occured during Cycle Practice session when the step change is set to Prior Rhythm.
- Fixed fault A850@3038024 which sometimes occured when adding a new chordshape based on one being edited in Design View.
- Fixed fault A2093 which sometimes occured when a  playing a sound from a popup window while a Cycle Practice session is active in the background

v2.5d 22-Oct-2010

-Updated so that the Options-Library-Instrument-Chord setting (Strum vs Arpeggio) will apply to any sample chord played within the workspace (eg. From a chord matrix) and not just for chordshapes.
-Fixed fault A531@1054028 and C0000005@1054028 which occurs in Library and Design view in many situation when drawing bridged chordshapes for the bass string at bottom orientation
-Fixed a problem causing Midi Setup options to be not saved correctly between sessions, particular the Midi Output device selection

v2.5c 18-Oct-2010

-Fixed a couple bugs, in particular a common bug, causing the program to crash with a A1530@2026069 fault whenever a chord-type only filter (eg. ? maj7) is selected.

v2.5a 7-Sep-2010

Major update which now allows ChordWizard to take advantange of many of the latest features in our application framework.  These include the following:

- Contains the full version of How Music Works tutorials, rather than the more basic earlier revision contained in v2.0.  The tutorials can now be updated with extensions and corrections whenever the core text shared by all products changes.
- Contains all printing facilities and options as found in the Music Theory 3.0 product.  Also include extra helpful features, such as text search and bookmarking.
- Improved presentation with workspace skins, gradient shading and high color icons.  The default skin is Office Blue, but this can be changed with the Workspace Options.
- Uses the latest Sound Engine, which offers selectable channel outputs, sound problem diagnosis and global reverb where devices support it (eg. Microsoft Synthesizer)
- Enhanced smooth drawing of instrument strings, finger blocks and fret markers
- Greater visibility of View Staff tool and selectable labels for displayed notes
- Improved Notes to Chords and Notes To Scales tool, where notes are arranged in a harmonic circle
- Improved interface for adjusting Layout Options

ChordWizard Gold 2.0

Version Date Changes
v2.01f 9-Nov-2009

- Minor functional and presentation improvements

v2.01e 18-Sep-2008

- Fixed a problem with correctly recognising the license/evaluation status of an installation

v2.01d 16-Sep-2008

- Minor release to fix a couple of performance issues.

v2.01c 20-May-2008

- Fixed problem causing slow load of libraries containing many chordshapes (especially at Intermediate and Advanced level)
- Fixed problem causing tutorials topics to lose their last few characters.
- Improvements to setup/uninstall process

v2.01a 25-Jan-2008

- Added automatic Check For Updates function, which notifies you whenever an updated version of the product is available for download.
- Tested and verified operation of ChordWizard with Windows Vista.
- Converted the Help file to the newer CHM format.  This makes viewing help easier with Windows Vista, which doesn't by default install the classic WinHelp viewer.
- ChordWizard now uses an installation-independent Product Key licensing mechanism for greater customer convenience and security.  Replacement keys are no longer necessary for new installations.

v2.0g 11-May-2006

- Minor corrections to Tutorials text
- Fix splash screen text with large fonts
- Fix New Library process to prevent crash with Sort By Hand Position option

v2.0f 12-Sep-2003

- Changes to some standard chord types
- Minor structural improvements

v2.0e 1-Jun-2003

- Retail release only
- Minor structural improvements

v2.0d 14-Feb-2003

- Adjustable tutorials sound volume
- Enhance scale practice for full positions
- Warn if discard chordshape on exit Design
- Improve Import Library process
- Add Melodic Minor scale modes
- Shortcut to system volume controls

v2.0c 16-Sep-2002

- Released as retail product only
- Some theory text corrections
- Improve report preview options
- Fix maximize on open problem

v2.0a 1-Sep-2002

Original Release

Beta Releases Date
to beta-8 14-Aug-2002
from beta-1 30-Apr-2002


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