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Bronze Editions are free.  You can download an evaluation copy of any other ChordWizard product.  Evaluation copies are fully functional and give you several free trials of the software to decide if you want to purchase.

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Songtrix Bronze Edition 3.0

Beginner Level

The essential free software for learning and creating music.

Songtrix Silver Edition 3.0

Intermediate Level

The essential tool kit for students of all musical styles and instruments.

ChordWizard Music Theory 3.0

All Playing Levels

The essential multimedia guide to playing and understanding music.

Songtrix Gold Edition 3.0

Advanced Level

The essential creative workshop for musicians of all styles and instruments.

ChordWizard Silver Edition 2.5

Beginner Level

The essential starter pack for guitar and all other fretted instruments.

ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.5

Professional Level

The essential workshop for guitar and all other fretted string instruments.

Old Versions

Not For Sale

Old product versions (for existing customers) are no longer for sale, but can be upgraded.



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