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The ChordWizard range of music software gives you the tools you need to explore, understand and compose great music.  Connect yourself to the power of music theory in songwriting, improvisation and accompaniment, and experience the touch of pure creativity.  Compare Products

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Songtrix Bronze Edition 3.0

Beginner Level

The essential free software for learning and creating music.

There are no barriers with Songtrix - download the free Bronze Edition and start exploring the world of music now!

With guided video tours, and a simple visual interface, you will be making your own great music sooner than you ever imagined.

Share your creations and meet new friends on the ChordWizard Network, as you discover and develop your musical talents.

Songtrix Silver Edition 3.0

Intermediate Level

The essential tool kit for students of all musical styles and instruments.

Explore and master the world of music, with an intuitive learning environment where knowledge and skills progress rapidly as you create real musical works.

See and hear music theory in action as you build songs with styles, chords and other musical events.  Staff notation is created instantly and continuously as you work, developing your sight-reading and helping you communicate your music to others.

ChordWizard Music Theory 3.0

All Playing Levels

The essential multimedia guide to playing and understanding music.

It contains How Music Works, a suite of multimedia tutorials that explain music in clear simple language you can relate to.

Packed with 118 topics, and illustrated with 360 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds, they start with the very basics of music and advance to professional topics, making them an essential source of information and guidance for years to come.

Songtrix Gold Edition 3.0

Advanced Level

The essential creative workshop for musicians of all styles and instruments.

Apply styles to a chord sequence to make a professional arrangement in seconds.  Or create your own masterpiece from scratch, using intuitive events like strums and drum rolls to rapidly draft and refine musical ideas.

Compile and print staff notation effortlessly, then take your completed songs to the world by publishing them securely on the ChordWizard Network.

ChordWizard Silver Edition 2.5

Beginner Level

The essential starter pack for guitar and all other fretted instruments.

There's no better way to start your musical journey than with a map in your hand.  This interactive guide for Guitar, Bass Guitar (and all other fretted instruments) lets you explore music on the fretboard without getting lost on the way.

Whether you want to find chords to play your favourite songs, learn where notes are on the fretboard, or practise scales, you will have the tools you need to get where you're going.

ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.5

Professional Level

The essential workshop for guitar and all other fretted string instruments.

If you're serious about your music, you'll be amazed at the way you can turbo charge your knowledge and creativity, and take total control of your fretboard.

Designed for Guitar, Bass Guitar and all other fretted instruments in all tunings, this is a truly unlimited musical reference and integrated workshop that you can apply directly to your own musical activities.

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